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Function Room terms and conditions

Boathouse Restaurant Salisbury Exterior Riverside


1. Bookings of the Function Room at The Boathouse, Millstream Approach, SALISBURY SP1 3TA
(The Boathouse) are accepted on the understanding that the Hirer, as named on the Booking Form, accepts these Terms and Conditions.

Bookings and Cancellations

2. All bookings must be made in writing using the Booking Form.   Verbal bookings will be classed as provisional until a completed Booking Form is received.   Any variation to the original booking must be agreed by both The Boathouse Management and the Hirer and confirmed in writing.

3.  Provisional bookings will only be held for a period of two (2) weeks from the provisional booking date.   If not confirmed at the end of this period the date/s may be released for other bookings.

4. Upon receipt the Booking Form will be processed and an invoice produced to the Hirer directly.

Capacity and Availability

  1. The Function Room capacity is sixty (60) people, however this is reduced to forty (40) when a sit down meal has been booked.   The Room is available for the following periods:


Open every day from 11am expect Sundays from 12.00am.


6.  For all Social Functions a deposit of £5.00 per person will be payable on confirmation of the booking.

7. For all Business Meetings the following charges are applicable:

a.  Per Hour                                   £15.00
b   Per Half Day (6 Hours)                £80.00             
c.  Per Day (12 Hours)                    £120.00

8.  Cancellations must be notified in writing and will become effective on the day of receipt by Boathouse Management.   Cancellation Charges prior to the event will be applied as follows:

a.         More than 10 days                     No Charge (Full refund of deposit)
b.         10 to 5 days                              50% of the deposit
c.         4 days or less                            100% of the deposit

9. Discounted prices may, at the discretion of The Boathouse Management, be available to Registered Charities, “Not For Profit” Organisations and for multiple bookings.

10. The Boathouse Management reserves the right to cancel a booking if the holding of the event is prevented by circumstances beyond their control.   In such a case any monies paid in advance will be refunded in full.   The Boathouse does not, and will not, accept any liability for losses incurred by the Hirer due to the cancellation.

11. Nothing is to be stuck, nailed, screwed, stapled or fixed in any way to walls, doors or any other furniture.  The Hirer will be held responsible for any damages to, or loss of, infrastructure, equipment or crockery.   The Hirer shall pay to The Boathouse, on demand, the amount required to make good or remedy such damage.


12. No Entertainment or business equipment may be brought into the building unless agreed by The Boathouse Management.   Any electrical equipment must have a valid Portable Appliance Test Certificate.  


  1. Health and Safety and Food Handling Rules dictate that only The Boathouse may provide catering and refreshment facilities.   We cannot, and do not, permit the introduction or consumption of food or drink to the premises from unauthorised external sources.If you do so,you will be charge £ 500 penalty fee for not complying to the rules&regulations of the premises.


Opening and Closing of the Function Room

14. The Function Room will be opened and closed by a member of The Boathouse Staff.  

15. The Hirer will be held responsible for informing their guests of the timings of the hire period and will be expected to ensure their guests leave within 30 minutes of the end of the hire period.   The Hirer shall be responsible for leaving the Function Room in a clean and tidy manner and ensuring that any contents temporarily moved from their usual positions is properly replaced.


16.  The Boathouse Management accepts no responsibility for the property of persons attending or organising an event.   Any property brought on to the premises is done so entirely at the owner’s risk.

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